A2 Shore Road, Newtownabbey (2)
A2 Shore Road, Newtownabbey (2)


York Road Midland Close, Belfast
York Road Midland Close, Belfast

A2 Shore Road, Newtownabbey (2)
A2 Shore Road, Newtownabbey (2)


The Great ‘O’utdoors


Omega is the 24th and last letter of the Greek alphabet and literally translates as ‘The Great O’


There is nothing greater to us than the Great Outdoors and with over 18 year experience in the Outdoor Advertising arena and with partnerships across Ireland and the United Kingdom these are very exciting times ahead for us in the Out of Home advertising market.


All our locations are hand picked and in positions of high traffic (vehicles or pedestrian) we are very particular, its simple.. 

A Northern Ireland based team that is always available to our clients,  Omega Outdoor promise to deliver quality roadside advertising through traditional billboards, back lit advertising and cutting-edge digital screens.

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